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Trinity Home Educators Leaders


Who runs Trinity Home Educators Co-Op/Community?


God runs Trinity Home Educators!

We have a leadership team that is made up of  Aaron Hildreth, Co-Founder and Facility Manager for THE,                     Aundrea Hildreth, Director, Co-Founder and Instructor, and LeAnne Osuna, Adminstration Manager and Instructor. Each member is very active in many roles and work together in making decisions best for our community. If any family has questions they can reach out to any member on this team or an instructor.

The board of Trinity Home Educator is Aundrea Hildreth, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Aaron Hildreth, Facility Manager and Co-Founder, Pastor Murray Kartanson the Executive Pastor of Agape Faith Church. The board meets three times a year to review  changes and additions of Trinity Home Educators. To apply and be compliant for a 501(c) 3 a board of head leaders is required.


Trinity Home Educators Fees



What does the $70.00 registration fee paid in the Fall and Spring semester go towards?


It is to cover the webpage we use for registration, teachers to post syllabus and course information, to send out e-mails etc. We also use it to maintain our banking fees for the co-op. This is a non-refunable fee that is stated when you register through the web-site and when your invoice is sent to you. All co-ops follow this policy.

We monitor our cost every semester to see if we are able to meet the co-ops needs at a lower cost to our families.